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Understanding a Mental Illness and Finding Real Freedom

Carl Jung found that all goals are created by the subconscious ideas, which is a strange body that offers undoubtable information. He determined that the subconscious ideas was The lord's ideas, but he didn't have a spiritual mind-set, and he didn't respect the subconscious ideas. He determined that the subconscious advice is very helpful for the person, but we must make our choices depending on the verdict of our own moral sense.

I found Carl Jung's work ready, and I accurately followed his steps. However, I had to don't agree with his last results, even though I confirm to the globe that his method of desire presentation is the only right one.

His results about his findings were depending on the information he had and on the information of his traditional time. New medical findings in different medical areas assisted me better understand the subconscious ideas and believe in the subconscious information.

I was also assisted thanks to my fictional skills motivated by the subconscious ideas, and by my spiritual education and learning in a Catholic university for 12 years.

I recognized that I had to respect the subconscious assistance in goals, acknowledging The lord's information and sanctity. Therefore, I discontinued Carl Jung's training, and I accurately followed the mindset of the subconscious ideas. This is why I could look for the anti-conscience, which is the crazy side of the individual moral sense and produces psychological diseases within our moral sense.

This development had to be made by someone who would have medical information, but also a spiritual qualifications and actual believe in in God. The anti-conscience is wicked, aggressive, wrong, outrageous, vicious, and unsociable. It has the actions of a devil. This means that it is actually The devil. Conference the anti-conscience is a awful experience that a person cannot keep.

I had to discover the anti-conscience without losing my moral sense, and then learn how to put an end to all psychological diseases. In order to do so, I had to mimic the actions of the nuns of my Catholic university. I conducted the absurdity of the anti-conscience by wishing all enough time, and knowing in The lord's answer.

A researcher wouldn't be able to endure the satanic anti-conscience's strikes without wishing, and without truly knowing in The lord's lifestyle. I confirmed the value of the spiritual training I had into practice.

Thanks to my behavior to the subconscious information while I was keeping the intolerable strikes of the anti-conscience, today we know what causes psychological diseases and how we can absolutely remove mayhem and horror.

The anti-conscience's strikes are depending on delivering outrageous ideas and emotions to our moral sense, as well as resulting in wooziness, dental and graphic disturbances, lonliness in the mind (blackout), and hallucinations. I had to keep these strikes wishing and keeping in mind that I was battling mayhem.

This battle was depending on my level of resistance. I saw that after trying everything it can, the anti-conscience drops its energy. When it cannot imprison our moral sense into the network of mayhem with its strikes, the anti-conscience becomes poor and prevents resulting in loss to our thinking system.

My findings are actually The lord's presents to the globe. I would never discover out anything by myself. God prepared me to be able to continue Carl Jung's research because I had to confirm to the globe that the spiritual training we have when we are children must be well known permanently.

The satanic source of our moral sense is the terrible result of the unorganized development of the first live moral sense, which will not convert its actions and progress. This is why this aspect of our mind continues to be in a basic condition, without following the transformative procedure of our moral sense.

Now that we know this truth, psychological diseases ceased being unseen spirits. Now we can see the spirits, and now we know how battle their strikes.

Thus, we can lastly stop struggling and discover serenity. Everything only relies on our behavior.

By paying attention to the heavenly assistance in goals we remove our satanic anti-conscience through awareness. This is how we discover our independence.

We are slaves of our crazy characteristics because it keeps impacting our ideas and actions, even before resulting in psychological diseases. Only when we'll absolutely remove the negative propensities we have got will we be able to enjoy actual independence, without dropping into sensible barriers.

We believe that the anti-conscience is a aspect of our moral sense. We follow its outrageous ideas without knowing that these ideas don't are part of our moral sense. This is how the anti-conscience controls to eliminate our potential to think rationally and annulate our knowing.

The proven reality that I could understand the difference between the anti-conscience's ideas from the ideas or the individual moral sense assisted me look for the big secret behind incomprehensive psychological diseases. I saw how the anti-conscience ruins the individual moral sense. I also found how to get rid of the procedure of devastation of the individual moral sense.

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